Saturday, October 8, 2011

Music Bot Headphone Splitter

Music Bot Headphone Splitter
Some robots are evil automatons hellbent on mankind's destruction, while others just want to help you share music with your friends. The Splitterbot is the friendly kind of robot. Pull off his head to reveal a male headphone plug... he doesn't mind. Pop his head on top of your iPhone, iPod or other similar audio playing device. Then plug a pair of headphones into each of his eye sockets. Splitterbot doesn't mind, he simply distributes your music to both sets of headphones so that you and a friend can listen at once. What a selfless robot he is... torturing himself for your pleasure. Seems like you could be a bit more appreciative of his efforts.

  • ?Mini Robot hangs from your keychain and allows you to share music from one audio device with two people
  • ?Pop off his head for audio sharing goodness
  • ?Works with any standard headphones and portable music player
  • ?Headphones not included
  • ?No batteries required

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Music Bot Headphone Splitter
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